The thing about Marina and the Diamonds, right

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14 Mar 2012

So Marina’s got a new album coming out, and this is one of the songs on it. It’s very good. Electra Heart is the name of that LP and it’s some rotten concept album about a subject I can’t be bothered to research because let’s just have the tunes, shall we (more on that later, rant fans).

Primadonna does a rather fine job as lead single, particularly given that it was helmed at the production rudder by Dr Luke and Diplo and somehow managed not to sound like Pon De Floor or Katy Perry, which is more than can be said for Nicola Roberts and Jessie bloody J.

What I like about this song is the variance in Marina’s voice between quite deep and threatening and really bloody annoying. It’s a fine line to cross. The Queen-esque guitars towards the end are a nice touch as well, and the general pop glow and sheen means it’s almost certainly one of the better tracks on the album.

The decision to leave the popbanger that is Radioactive off that album and relegate it to a deluxe edition is utterly bizarre to me, though. It is an excellent song, and I imagine ever so slightly more excellent than 40% of the tracks that made it onto the album. Here is what Marina had to say about this exclusion.

The ‘Standard’ edition is kind of like a purist’s version of the concept. The ‘Deluxe’ version is for tracks that did not fully adhere to the sound or vision but that I really loved anyway. “Radioactive”, “Sex Yeah”, “Lonely Hearts Club” and “Buy the Stars” + the videos for “Radioactive” and “Primadonna”.

Perhaps as an artist it’s important to have a “vision” for your album, a reason to make it. I’ve never really understood this, but as someone that doesn’t really value lyrics that’s probably understandable. Why you can’t just put your ten best songs on an album, I don’t know. That’s why we have double albums and bonus tracks – whether it’s a vision or an inability to self edit.

Anyway bollocks to that, let’s have a little rave.

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Owen Duff

March 14th, 2012 at 02:21

As a musician I totally understand her desire to keep within the concept of the album, and to be fair it suggests some depth to what she’s creating. BUT as a listener I know that there are many thematically/sonically inconsistent albums that my brain has happily woven together into a coherent whole (e.g. I didn’t even think the Armand Van Helden remix track stood out much on that otherwise harpsichord-heavy Tori Amos album)… I think it’s a control thing. At some point as an artist has to accept that the listener will do what they want with an album – shuffle it, ignore the words, skip half the songs. It’s that balance between doing what satisifies you and what pleases your audience I suppose, not always easy to achieve.

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