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5 Jan 2012

In news that may well shock you, I was slightly off the pace when it came to Azealia Banks (I think I was listening to some Human League b-sides), but after hearing a heavily – and I mean heavily – edited version of 212 on the wireless yesterday it has infected my head.

She’s come third in the annual BBC Sound of 2012 poll, and in doing so joins such luminaries as the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Klaxons and Florence And The Machine. Out of those artists I think we can confidently put Banks down as the rudest of the lot.

If you’re one for clean language, this track is probably not for you. If, however you’re one for excellent beats and the potential for even more excellent animated GIFs –


– then you’re in luck.

There’s been a number of comparisons to Nicki Minaj – preseumably because they’ve both got sweary mouths and do some rap – but this is about eighty times better than anything Minaj has put out, that verse on Monster aside. It’s the most exciting pop track I”ve heard in a good while and if I wasn’t listening to whatever Phil Oakey decided was the best thing to back Keep Feeling Fascination, it would have been very high on my Quite Good Songs Of The Year show.

In short: rude, excellent, hyped, donks all over the shop.

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